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Search Engines


Charities (requirements - at least 90% of money raised goes to those in need. No religious agenda. A realization that in cases of extreme poverty providing food, shelter, education, and birth-control, is a complete package: you cannot have one without the others.


has some useful HTML code, and other goodies.
Ill-Eagle Graphics free macabre homepage images [Companion site]
Tucows the definitive free software site.
Volition a site with things other than just the usual software.


Fun / Humour
  Darwin Awards
"natural selection" at its best
Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy
Easter Egg Archive find the hidden 'Easter Eggs' in your software
MPlayer multiplayer game site.
Museum of Hoaxes
News of the Weird strange news clippings from around the world
Planet EgoMania strange humour that will offend most people. [Adult]
Weird Universe


  Central Intelligence Agency
Federal Bureau of Investigation
U.S. Census Bureau
looking for stats?
White House


  Amnesty International protects people from government actions
CISCOP using science to counter paranormal claims
Crime.Miningco lots of information on crime and punishment
Drug War Facts unbiased information.
Junk Science debunking fake science (unfortunately, sometimes uses FOX "News" as a resource)
NIBRS National Incident-Based Reporting System (crime in the U.S.) the Skeptics Society and Skeptic Magazine
UNESCO UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization
United Nations
Urban Legends
is every "news" story you hear true?
World Health Organization

Information - population control
  Childfree support and info for people choosing to remain child free
Facing The Future easy-to-follow outline of population problems
No Kidding! non-profit social club for childfree couples and singles
Population Connection formerly 'Zero Population Growth'
World Overpopulation Awareness large informative site
Zero Growth idealistic site concerned with unrestrained growth


Message Boards
  Lycos (spirituality) interesting people; censorship is sometimes heavy-handed.
Yahoo (religion) little activity; but some very strange characters.


News - around the world (*see "Circumventors" below)
  Arab - Aljazeera ( )
Brazil - The Brazilian
China - Xinhuanet ( )
France - Le Monde diplomatique
India - The Asian Age
Iran - Tehran Times ( )
Israel - Arutz Sheva ( )
Japan - The Japan Times
North Korea - Korean Central News Agency ( )
Palestine - Palestine Times Monthly ( )
Russia - The Moscow Times
South Africa - Cape Times
Syria - Syrian Arab News Agency ( )
Turkey - Turkish Daily News

Your government may be watching. Circumventors help protect your identity, in situations where third parties may wish to find out exactly who is visiting sensitive sites, by routing the requested URL through their server. From personal experience, while researching certain government officials on foreign sites, I can attest to the fact that third parties can cause considerable damage to your computer in their attempts to break through a firewall. The following circumventors provide free access.


  Empiric Logic based on Ethical Egoism; but evolving...
  My Version of the Truth
  Paradox social commentaries that question conventional wisdom by offering alternative perspectives.
  Project for the OLD American Century


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