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Guest articles submitted to this site are here because they relate to spirituality, religion, and/or human behaviour; and must be interesting and informative. Inclusion on this site in no way implies support of any opinion voiced. Copyrights are held by the respective authors; and all copyright attributions are the sole responsibility of the person contributing the article.

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"God's Universe and the Law" by Karyl Marshall.
A Christian perspective of God. (Feb./01)

"The Blind Man and the Candle" by Chuck Gallozzi. (Feb./02)

"The Fourfold Yoga - Part III" by G. Kumar (Dec./04)

"How to Educate Yourself in Liberal Arts: A Spiritual Transformation" by Andrew Flaxman (Dec./05)

"The Manu's of the Collective Unconscious" by T. Stokes (Mar/06)

"Awareness Meditation and Enlightenment" by Dhyan Giten (Aug/06)

"Love" by Dhyan Giten (May/09)

"Presence - The Inner Source of Love, Truth and Wholeness" by Dhyan Giten (Apr./11)

"Substance of Reality According to the Science of Kabbalah" by Rav Michael Laitman (May/09)

"Kabbalah - The Root of All Sciences" by Rav Michael Laitman (May/09)

"Anarchism: Wild-eyed Radicalism or Just Plain Common Sense" - name withheld by request (May/09)

"Conquering Death: The View of the Masters of Awakening, From Gurdjieff to Selim Aissel" - interview with Selim Aïssel (Dec/10)

"You Have To Be Quicker Than Your Own Mind" - by Selim Aïssel (Dec/10)

"Agonizing Over Religions: My Way Out!" - by Yoginder Sikand (Mar/12)

"Why I No Longer Envy 'True Believers' " - by Yoginder Sikand (Mar/12)


"Reproduction and Moral Obligation" by Ian Monteith. (Sep./99)


"Interface With Islam" by Navid Masud.
A lengthy work connecting Islam to an unusual theory on physics. (Apr./99)

 "Where We Come From Debate" by Navid Masud.
A lengthy work outlining an Islamic perspective on Creationism. (Mar./99)

"Bhagavad Gita and Management" by M.P. Bhattathiri.(Oct./04)

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