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A new picture of Jesus Christ: The Urantia Book - Jesus Christ in The Urantia Book. Questions + answers about God, Angels, life after death, eternal life, truth, love + beauty. Inspirational quotes. Free e-book downloads.

Atma Jyoti Ashram - Christian Metaphysics - This study is basically the work of an esoteric Christian bishop who lived in the first half of the twentieth century. He wrote several books and many articles which were circulated to a small circle of esoteric Christian students. It has seemed to us that an edited version of some of his essays would be of great profit to students of esoteric Christian wisdom. However, we are leaving their authorship without attribution, as we feel he would prefer that. foundation principles of virtue - Revolutionary character development. Complete text of "Inner Medicine" available free online. The future of self improvement!

Christian Mysticism - As a Christian Mystic acquires unity, the mystic sees that nothing exist in isolation so the nature of our being is unity, a unity of body, mind and spirit.

JesusReligion.Com - Spiritual writings to free those bound by traditional christian ideas of condemnation and fear. Find truth and peace within you!

The New Order of Jesus - A book containing 75 messages of spiritual teachings from Jesus, dictated by apostle Thomas to Brazilian medium Diamantino Coelho Fernandes in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1971. Translated into English and first published in the USA in 1991, it is now available for free reading and downloading.

The Old Catholic Church of Great Britain - As an ecumenical community, the Old Catholic Church of Great Britain welcomes the prophetic work of fostering unity while celebrating the various interdenominational faith traditions among Christians in accord with Jesus' prayer ...THAT WE ALL MAY BE ONE

Quotations by Zen Master Rama, Dr. Frederick Lenz - Organized quotations on Buddhism, meditation, science, mysticism by American Zen Master Rama, Dr. Frederick Lenz

Revelation 13 - Predictions of future world events by Bible Prophecy, the King James English Bible Code, Astrology and New Age ideas, numerical analysis. New Age geography.

Wizanda - Finding One True Faith - Open discussion on all religions and beliefs, with religious books as references. The site includes spiritual poetry, directory, articles, books, gallery, news, chess and games.

The New Testament Psychology Institute - The New Testament psychology entitled The Natures of Mankind Psychology is the subject of this site. A study of human behavior: thoughts, emotions, and observable behaviors reveals what the New Testament says about why and how humans act the way they do. Specific application to issues such as anger, anxiety, fear, grief, and depression provided.

Virgo of the Revelation of the last Times - Virgo of the Revelation of the last Times This site has been realized on express application of the Virgo Santa.

God's Harbor Community Church - We wish to be the beacon of hop to the hopeless,a fountin of life to those who have been persecuted for being Glbt Christions. (webmaster's note: 'Glbt' means "gay lesbian bisexual transvestite")


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