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Zen of Zero - Extensive letters to a 16 year old girl from her grandfather, "about life, liberty, and the zen of zero", promoting scientific humanism.

The Book of Heresies - Heresy is a religion incorporating aspects of pantheism and humanism. It emphasizes personal choice and perception. The Book of Heresies is the central religious text of this new religious movement.

Enlightenment - Tathagata, the man with the third eye, a small lump which appeared on his forehead soon after his enlightenment. He now travels the world to teach what he can see through his enlightenment.

Religious book for God seekers - Religion, philosophy, divinity, yoga. Way of merging with Creator. Straight path to the enlightening and final self-realization

Religious Naturalism - Explains the paradigm of Religious Naturalism

United Universists - Promotes Universism, a progressive natural religious philosophy. Aims to unite freethinkers including atheists and deists.

Origin of Species Accoding to The Buddha - Original Theory of Evolution is by The Buddha and not Darwin, only he termed it Becoming. The “Sensory Becoming” concept was first delineated over two half millenniums ago.



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