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Realistic Idealism - In the past, philosophy was based on logic and reasoning rather than observations recorded using the scientific method. Realistic Idealism draws its principles from facts determined through science.

Science of Ethics - Science of Ethics is a theory-based, empirical, experiment-driven effort to provide guidance to any adequately interested person in making moral choices; i.e., choices that are in their long-term best interest.

Living in the Light - Some views and thoughts on beliefs vs Truth, love & sex, ambition & achievement. By Peter Hoban.

Enlightenment through Mysticism and Poetic insights - Our pages feature a host of impact-FULL quotations demonstrating the Enlightenments won by Mystics and Poets across the ages. Many God-Wisdom Theosophy quotations are included.

The Book of Heresies - Heresy is a religion incorporating aspects of pantheism and humanism. It emphasizes personal choice and perception. The Book of Heresies is the central religious text of this new religious movement.

Spiritual Sisters of the Internet Cafe - is a place of spiritual rest and spiritual renewal of spiritual healing and spiritual celebration in a very real world in a very real way and created to enlighten, encourage, educate and empower women in transitional life situations.

Zen of Zero - Extensive letters to a 16 year old girl from her grandfather, "about life, liberty, and the zen of zero", promoting scientific humanism.

Meanings of Life - Philosophical thoughts and comments about life, death, happiness, love, friendship, poetry, pain and correlated issues.

Off The Grid Home Page - This off the grid consciousness is devoted to a sober examination and response to advancing human development and preserving the human species.

Clouds rain down & Earth brings forth - Sojourner in this cordial place you will find for your contemplation original philosophical allegory and discourse being presented from a sacred hearth of Earth on cosmological, astronomical, mythological, prophetic, chivalric and moral themes. Welcome!

Invariantology - This site addresses the question - WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES AMONG OUR IDEAS ON DIFFERENT THINGS? This material herein is unique and throws a new investigation on the nature of our ideas

the science of karma - proof of karma using lucid dreams

Success Consciousness - Articles, guidance, ebooks, quotes and ezine about spiritual growth and awakening, meditation, self-improvement, happiness, positive thinking, creative visualization and how to develop and use mind power to gain success.

how to achieve positive karma - karma and good luck. Information about karma cause and effect, including a free hypnosis download for creating positive karma. Many other downloads available eg. attracting good luck and prosperity, lucid dreaming, dream interpretation and recall.

A possible breakthrough in Transcendentalism? - This page features thought provoking slide shows that lead into more detailed examinations of the notion of the Tripartite Soul and the possibly related Unfolding of History.

Philosophical Plays - is an open-access journal/archive (free PDFs, free online editions) for modern philosophy plays & dialogues on personal happiness, individual satisfaction, human love, life, death, afterlife, souls, religion, God. ISSN 1654-6296 (print edition), ISSN 1654-6318 (online edition).


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