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American Psychiatric Association

American Psychological Association

National Institute of Mental Health

Psychology Today - Online version of the popular magazine.

Europe's Journal of Psychology - EJOP is a quarterly publication of scientific psychology featuring original studies, research, critical contributions, interviews and book reviews written by and targeted to both psychologists and psychology students worldwide.

Psychology and mental health advice - Mental health advice with 900 frequently asked questions about depression, anxiety, adhd, addiction, eating disorders, sexual problems and relationship problems

Psychology dictionary - Psychology dictionary contains from A to Z listing of psychology terms with definitions and examples.

Principles of Psychology - by William James (1890).

The Varieties of Religious Experience - by William James (1902). - Psychological assessment and testing resources for psychologists and mental health professionals. - A glossary of psychological terms and concepts.

List of researched information on psychology involving the human - List of researched information on psychology involving the human mind such as emotions, attitudinal healing, body language, hypnotherapy, handwriting analysis and related links.

Online Psychology Degrees & Resources

Personal Development - Self help and psychology articles tend to be either boring, confusing or pointless. Uncommon Knowledge has done their very best to ensure their's are not. You'll find they're more than a little uncommon, and may even make you laugh, as well as think.

Economics - Psychology's Neglected Branch - Economics - to the great dismay of economists - is merely a branch of psychology. It deals with individual behaviour and with mass behaviour. Many of its practitioners sought to disguise its nature as a social science by applying complex mathematics where common sense and direct experimentation would have yielded far better results.

Clinical Psychology Associates of North Central Florida, P.A. - Website featured information about Florida group practice of psychologists and neuropsychologists. Features community calendar, links to local resources, and many full text articles about neuropsychological and psychological topics.

The Growth of Sports Psychology - Cricket: As Marcus Trescothick seeks psychological help to maintain his career, Andrew Culf investigates the growth of this new sporting trend.

Kandan's Net Library on E-Learning - A collection of articles on E-learning and instructional design.

Color Psychology and Graphic Design - Colors have psychological impacts, they are attributes of eyes, but are the chemistry of the mind. Colors are perceived though pupils and its effects are produced with associated nerves to the brain neurons.

lost your noodles - crazy, free, interactive online art, music, water, and play therapy and tests for mental relaxation and fun


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